We have extensive experience in resolving complex air quality problems for clients.  We deliver effective solutions for all phases of environmental air quality projects from initial concept, to ongoing operations, in addition to end of life cycle management.

Our expertise includes helping clients deal with:

Air permitting and regulatory approvals as well as strategies to maintain compliance in a changing regulatory environment.

  • Developing cost effective air pollution and air emission reduction strategies and project plans.
  • Design of air quality, odour and noise monitoring programs (stack sampling and ambient noise monitoring plans developed with provider sourced for client*)
  • Environmental assessments and reviews for air quality impacts.
  • Emissions management, inventories and reporting to regulatory bodies (NPRI, ChemTrac, O.Reg. 127, GHGs).
  • Developing strategies for greenhouse gas emission management and reduction (carbon tax, cap and trade).
  • Expert testimony for land use changes and impacts on surrounding properties / communities.
  • Stakeholder engagement and management to facilitate and respond to community concerns regarding air quality and emissions.


With over 30 years of environmental management experience, we deliver client solutions that are scientifically sound, effective and improve air quality and the environment.